Digital Storytelling Feedback and Grade

Content (50%) –  5
Technical Aspects (25%) – 2.5
Written Summary (25%) –  2.5
Total (out of 10) –  10

Kyle, very well done here. Your use of high-quality visual and audio components in this project helped to make your message truly compelling. You address the need and importance for the research that you’re interested in, and convey it to your viewer in an accessible way. I would’ve loved to hear even more about why you personally are interested in this field (i.e. anything in your educational history that sparked your fascination here?).  I also liked your use of animated text near the beginning of the video. I think you could consider integrating more text throughout the video to pinpoint and highlight key ideas for your viewer. I appreciate that you stated a degree of uncertainty about the final product in your written report — all part of the continually evolving process of digital storytelling! Great work. 

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