Research Interests


As an educational coach in a middle school I am interested in the intersection of equity, technology and project-based learning. I am interested in how students can use technology to create authentic products that solve a problem in their community and the results a learning experience of this nature have on students. I am particularly interested in the impact on students’ self-perceptions and teacher perceptions of students.

Digital Storytelling: Research interests

This video aims to share my research interests in a digital storytelling format.

Research Logic Model


I am interested the ways in which project based learning may impact the academic identities of students from traditionally marginalized minorities. Project-based learning is a student-centered instructional approach in which students research an authentic problem and present their solution or product to and with others. Project-based learning involves inquiry, collaboration, choice, creativity and problem-solving skills. Project-based learning is not currently widely used in schools with traditionally marginalized students. Traditionally marginalized students are often described as forming academic identities that do not value education. I am interested in knowing if being involved in project-based learning would change students’ academic identity development. By examining how student academic identities may differ with a different instructional practice may lead to changes in practice and opportunities for more students to develop positive academic identities. In this logic model, I propose that one could examine the relationship project-based learning has with traditionally marginalized minority middle school students’ academic identities.